Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Dear Diary: In a Haze

Dear diary,

Lately, my head has been in a spin. It kind of feels like I've been drifting in and out of this world. Like, remember that 'Heavenly Puss' episode of Tom & Jerry? Y'know the one where Tom's spirit starts to wander around, lost and dazed as if in a limbo. That's what it's like, minus the whole heaven and hell thing that they had going on there in that episode.

I've been thinking about time a lot. How 'long' do I have left? Am I making use of the time I have now? Am I missing out? What will I do today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

I guess this is something that has had always made a little room for itself at the back of my mind. Yet today, it has been storming the halls of my mind, uncaring and and wild like a bushfire. 

Strangely enough, my inner narrator seems to be Judy Garland à la The Wizard of Oz era. Right now, she's telling me, "Dear, oh dear, why on earth, are you even writing this post? It makes no sense and dear, you should get going with that essay." 

Well, Judy, part of me thinks that I'm writing this, right here, right now because:

a) the drowsy aftereffects of the Dimetapp has finally gotten to me

b) weeks of tossing and turning over my future has finally culminated into my mind becoming a blissful mess

c) the above Beach House song started to play at the exact moment when I was having that existential thought and thus, developing my need to transfer on my thoughts somewhere

d) or maybe, I just need some more sleep

Lots of love,

Jenny x

Sunday, 16 April 2017

✰✰ 15/04/17 ✰✰

Kung Wen-Yi & Ko Yu-Cheng, b.1971 & 1978, Taiwan, Water Drops, 2014, ceramic
Top from Paper Scissors ✰ Culottes from Mink Fashion ✰ Shoes from Lacoste ✰ Glasses from Glebe Markets

Tote Bag: Designed by me for ASOS

The Dark Matters Exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery
Pals ♡ 

☺ ☺ ☺

Jenny x

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Muses of March

Hi there,

It's been a while again (haha). 

Quite a lot has happened since I last spoke to you. I'm so excited to tell you that I landed an awesome internship at ThinkChangeGrow! I'm in my penultimate year of university currently and I have been so anxious about the future. Landing this opportunity has eased my rocky seas for now and I am so grateful to be learning from two lovely, knowledgable Google alumni. I feel so lucky that they really liked my creative ideas and they took me on board with them despite my minimal experience. 

March was an exciting and stressful ride. It has been so wild and busy but I love it, I guess. This semester, I'm learning animation and I'm finding it so interesting. I love how passionate my lecturer and tutors are, and I especially love how they encourage creativity. 👼 On that note, I wanted to share with you some of the things that have inspired me and kept me livin' - my muses of March if you will:

Throughout the junior years of high school, my friends and I were avid readers of the famous Rookie Magazine. I adored the way they spoke to my baby teenage heart and made me fall in love with the magic of art. I remember gazing at Petra's photos on Rookie and just feeling so soft. Like I was floating on cotton candy clouds. She makes me feel like I'm in a sparkling, peaceful dream and this is especially evident in her work for Hanatsubaki.

Man, oh man. For a while there, I thought my favourite New Zealander (besides KJ Apa haha) was going off the grid. It had been forever since she released the lovely Pure Heroine and I was like Look, Ella, I know you need to take the time to craft beautiful music but please, please let it be soon. And lo and behold, she made a triumphant return. I admit, I initially did not enjoy Green Light. It was different from what I had expected but then, I poured a glass of water, closed my door and sat down and listened - really  listened. What I got was such a bolt of euphoria. I felt like I was there dancing with her on the streets, on the top of the car, shouting the lyrics without a care in the world. Just losing total control in the best way possible. 

Charli XCX for Indie Magazine

Charli has been my number one inspiration (and angel) since like, the dawn of time. I have always loved everything she put out and she has no doubt, shaped the person that I am today. I just love how effortless and cool she is, and how versatile she can be especially when it comes to music. When she announced her mixtape, my heart was bursting with excitement. I was ready to be blessed by her cyber-pop twinkling and catchy hooks and oh boy, did she deliver. Particularly, I really love Babygirl. For some reason, I always think of Liv Tyler in her Empire Records era every time that I listen to it and ugh, that just makes me love the song even more. It makes me feel so cute and tbh, in need of my loml to enter my life already :-(

rina sawayama for gucci ; styled by keiko hitotsuyama

I randomly discovered Rina on Instagram. I was having a peek at what other people were liking (please tell me I'm not the only who does this) and from one of the tiny thumbnails, her orange hair caught my eye. And I am so glad that I clicked on her profile because oh my goodness, her heavenly vocals! I felt like an angel was singing to me. I love how Where U Are is so simultaneously modern and old-school. Where U Are is pouring golden honey on a stack of warm waffles. I am buzzing about her upcoming album! 

5. Aaaaand just this mesmerising, beautiful gif I found:

Metalmorphosis by Pat McGrath

See you in the next one. 

Take care.

Jenny x

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

"Susan, enjoy the absurdity of our world..."

A Nocturnal Animals Inspired Playlist

Long time, no playlist!

Around two weeks ago, one of my best friends and I watched Tom Ford's chillingly beautiful Nocturnal Animals. I won't write too much about it here because I might try to write a coherent review about it soon (so far, it's just been exchanging many theories about that ending with my friend over messenger)! All you need to know is that Mr. Tom Ford definitely has an uniquely stylish approach when it comes to film and I hope he makes more (I mean, A Single Man was splendid!). The visuals. The symbolism. The acting... Ahh, everything was well done! 

I was inspired to create this playlist and these collages after watching the film. After a while, I managed to find what I found were the perfect songs that captured both the stillness and chaos that reverberated through the film. 

I hope you enjoy!!

Jenny x

Collages and playlist were made by me. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Where You Lead, I'll Follow

A series of Gilmore Girls (one of my fave shows!) inspired looks (... and imagined scenarios by yours truly)

breakfast at luke's

Crochet top
9.49 AUD - pinkqueen.com

High waist skirt
130 AUD - zaful.com

Topshop flat shoes
110 AUD - topshop.com

Monsoon butterfly hair clip
12 AUD - monsoon.co.uk

Time: 9:37AM

Day: Kisses from the sun; blue skies with tiny wisps of cotton candy clouds; tiny daisies starting to bloom through the cracks of the pavement

Food Order: Blueberry pancakes with a generous drizzle of sweet honey; an iced coffee

People: Jess is showing Rory another of his magic tricks to see her blue eyes twinkle; Lorelai is poking fun at Luke's continual donning of his blue cap backwards; both couples feel a tenderness in their hearts and are beginning to realise the meaning of such feelings; Miss Patty and Babette attempt to gossip quietly about the romances unfolding before their very eyes

You: A slightly weathered copy of Roald Dahl's 'Esio Trot' resides on the wooden table; you have been swirling your pink straw, watching the cream disappear into the coffee; Kirk tucks a ticket to his latest film creation underneath your plate

flowers nestled in her purse

Maison Margiela long dress
1 945 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Cole Haan navy flat
145 AUD - tradesy.com

Evening handbag
455 AUD - 1stdibs.com

Hair clip accessory
3.20 AUD - bluebanana.com

Artificial flower
155 AUD - lnt.com

Faux flower
15 AUD - trouva.com

Pier 1 Imports floral decor
7.16 AUD - pier1.com

Confetti Rose Bush Pink Green
15 AUD - joann.com

Time: 12:05PM

Day: The sun is not so shy today; beautiful, big roses wrap themselves around the columns of the gazebo; gentle breezes 

Food Order: Strawberry smoothie

People: Lane and Rory are huddled in the corner, furiously scribbling ideas for Lane's band's album cover; Taylor is trying to get Luke's attention for a new festival proposal that is to be situated right outside his diner to no avail; Lorelai has just gone out the door with a cup of coffee despite just being caffeinated thirty minutes prior

You: Rory's new friend in her free elective art class at Yale; snapping pictures of Rory and Lane hard at work: who knows? you may be witnessing the beginnings of a future household name 

friday night dinner with the gilmores

Emilio De La Morena red velvet dress
1 265 AUD - avenue32.com

Miu Miu high heel shoes
1 030 AUD - miumiu.com

Yves Saint Laurent mini purse
1 865 AUD - harrods.com

Faux fur throw
52 AUD - amazon.com

Geneva red clock
17 AUD - casa.com

Anya Hindmarch Oops! textured-leather adhesive sticker
73 AUD - net-a-porter.com

Time: 8:46PM

Day: The moon stretches her arms across the pitch black canvas; crickets chirp quietly; there is a slight chill in the air

Food Order: All you know is that the main element is chicken surrounded by colourful vegetables you can't seem to name; oh, and it smells divine

People: Lorelai starts to whisper something in Rory's ear and all you can hear are the words, "escape plan;" Emily shoots Lorelai a suspicious stare; Richard is oblivious to the slow tension building in the air 

You: Rory was told to bring a guest and when she asked you because her other friends were busy, you obliged immediately upon her mentioning of abundance of free luxurious food; in hindsight, that was a mistake; the food begins to lose its initial delicious appeal as Emily starts to interrogate Lorelai over what she had whispered into Rory's ear

Jenny x

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Inspirations from the Past

Hey, just checking in again for a bit.

I want to start making 'visual moodboard' videos again like the ones that I started doing four years ago as a hobby. I will endeavour to do it as a summary of the feelings and happenings of each passing month. A visual diary of thoughts and musings.

Ciao for now.

Hopefully, there will be some more things up on here soon.

Jenny x

Old, old, old:

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

💖 Living in a Pink Dream 💖

It was mid- December last year when I delved in a velvet, pink shimmering dream.

Growing up, the month of December meant snow, snow, snow to me. The Hollywood films that I devoured, implanted this romantic notion in my mind that I would be making snow angels in my backyard with someone who I had a terrible crush on. That we would have snowball fights and somehow, we would fall in love and that would be happily ever after.

However, it was just some weird fantasy that my 10 year old brain concocted from watching too many romantic Christmas movies that somehow always either featured Hugh Grant or Colin Firth.

This time, instead of imaginary snowballs nestled in my hands, there were magical domes of glittery bubbles.

Baths are wonderful and so soothing for the soul, albeit something that happens very rarely:
1) My mum would definitely go on and on about how much water I have wasted.
2) Over the years, the bathtub had become something that was just there in the bathroom. You'd go inside and it was just there. You wouldn't really relate any thought about it which brings me to the next point.
3) What's the point? I mean, the shower is right there. Quick and easy.

But alas, that warm December day, I was in a mood to just reelaaaxxxx. Maybe it was because I saw Julia Roberts singing blissfully to Prince, encompassed by piles of bubbles in Pretty Woman the night before. Maybe it was the really good chicken and avo sandwich that I whipped up myself that afternoon.

Maybe - and ladies and gentlemen, this may be the real reason - shock! horror! - my friends had purchased a shimmering pink bubble bar from Lush for my birthday. I, in true Anton Ego fashion, was transported to a faint, sweet memory of my mumma letting me have endless baths when I was a little baby. She filled the bath with so many bubbles and my favourite toys. With such joy and laughter.

As I laid there amongst the bubbles, I was at so much peace and happy in my solitude. It felt like I was in some timeless special place that I only knew about. Where nothing bad existed and everything was going to be okay. It was time to forget the world for a moment or two and live in the pink dream for a while.

Jenny x