Wednesday, 1 February 2017

💖 Living in a Pink Dream 💖

It was mid- December last year when I delved in a velvet, pink shimmering dream.

Growing up, the month of December meant snow, snow, snow to me. The Hollywood films that I devoured, implanted this romantic notion in my mind that I would be making snow angels in my backyard with someone who I had a terrible crush on. That we would have snowball fights and somehow, we would fall in love and that would be happily ever after.

However, it was just some weird fantasy that my 10 year old brain concocted from watching too many romantic Christmas movies that somehow always either featured Hugh Grant or Colin Firth.

This time, instead of imaginary snowballs nestled in my hands, there were magical domes of glittery bubbles.

Baths are wonderful and so soothing for the soul, albeit something that happens very rarely:
1) My mum would definitely go on and on about how much water I have wasted.
2) Over the years, the bathtub had become something that was just there in the bathroom. You'd go inside and it was just there. You wouldn't really relate any thought about it which brings me to the next point.
3) What's the point? I mean, the shower is right there. Quick and easy.

But alas, that warm December day, I was in a mood to just reelaaaxxxx. Maybe it was because I saw Julia Roberts singing blissfully to Prince, encompassed by piles of bubbles in Pretty Woman the night before. Maybe it was the really good chicken and avo sandwich that I whipped up myself that afternoon.

Maybe - and ladies and gentlemen, this may be the real reason - shock! horror! - my friends had purchased a shimmering pink bubble bar from Lush for my birthday. I, in true Anton Ego fashion, was transported to a faint, sweet memory of my mumma letting me have endless baths when I was a little baby. She filled the bath with so many bubbles and my favourite toys. With such joy and laughter.

As I laid there amongst the bubbles, I was at so much peace and happy in my solitude. It felt like I was in some timeless special place that I only knew about. Where nothing bad existed and everything was going to be okay. It was time to forget the world for a moment or two and live in the pink dream for a while.

Jenny x