Monday, 27 February 2017

Where You Lead, I'll Follow

A series of Gilmore Girls (one of my fave shows!) inspired looks (... and imagined scenarios by yours truly)

breakfast at luke's

Crochet top
9.49 AUD -

High waist skirt
130 AUD -

Topshop flat shoes
110 AUD -

Monsoon butterfly hair clip
12 AUD -

Time: 9:37AM

Day: Kisses from the sun; blue skies with tiny wisps of cotton candy clouds; tiny daisies starting to bloom through the cracks of the pavement

Food Order: Blueberry pancakes with a generous drizzle of sweet honey; an iced coffee

People: Jess is showing Rory another of his magic tricks to see her blue eyes twinkle; Lorelai is poking fun at Luke's continual donning of his blue cap backwards; both couples feel a tenderness in their hearts and are beginning to realise the meaning of such feelings; Miss Patty and Babette attempt to gossip quietly about the romances unfolding before their very eyes

You: A slightly weathered copy of Roald Dahl's 'Esio Trot' resides on the wooden table; you have been swirling your pink straw, watching the cream disappear into the coffee; Kirk tucks a ticket to his latest film creation underneath your plate

flowers nestled in her purse

Maison Margiela long dress
1 945 AUD -

Cole Haan navy flat
145 AUD -

Evening handbag
455 AUD -

Hair clip accessory
3.20 AUD -

Artificial flower
155 AUD -

Faux flower
15 AUD -

Pier 1 Imports floral decor
7.16 AUD -

Confetti Rose Bush Pink Green
15 AUD -

Time: 12:05PM

Day: The sun is not so shy today; beautiful, big roses wrap themselves around the columns of the gazebo; gentle breezes 

Food Order: Strawberry smoothie

People: Lane and Rory are huddled in the corner, furiously scribbling ideas for Lane's band's album cover; Taylor is trying to get Luke's attention for a new festival proposal that is to be situated right outside his diner to no avail; Lorelai has just gone out the door with a cup of coffee despite just being caffeinated thirty minutes prior

You: Rory's new friend in her free elective art class at Yale; snapping pictures of Rory and Lane hard at work: who knows? you may be witnessing the beginnings of a future household name 

friday night dinner with the gilmores

Emilio De La Morena red velvet dress
1 265 AUD -

Miu Miu high heel shoes
1 030 AUD -

Yves Saint Laurent mini purse
1 865 AUD -

Faux fur throw
52 AUD -

Geneva red clock
17 AUD -

Anya Hindmarch Oops! textured-leather adhesive sticker
73 AUD -

Time: 8:46PM

Day: The moon stretches her arms across the pitch black canvas; crickets chirp quietly; there is a slight chill in the air

Food Order: All you know is that the main element is chicken surrounded by colourful vegetables you can't seem to name; oh, and it smells divine

People: Lorelai starts to whisper something in Rory's ear and all you can hear are the words, "escape plan;" Emily shoots Lorelai a suspicious stare; Richard is oblivious to the slow tension building in the air 

You: Rory was told to bring a guest and when she asked you because her other friends were busy, you obliged immediately upon her mentioning of abundance of free luxurious food; in hindsight, that was a mistake; the food begins to lose its initial delicious appeal as Emily starts to interrogate Lorelai over what she had whispered into Rory's ear

Jenny x

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